Rajasthan Meghawal Parishad

Published: 20th May 2010
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Rajasthan Meghwal Council was founded by Mr Pannalal Pemi resident of Bikaner on 30.3.1984.Rajsthan Meghwal Council district branch Jodhpur beginned firstly thereafter becoming collectorate by Mr. Natthulram Bhati.

The term of Council Member were:-

Mr.Natthram Bhati

Mr.Modaram Likhniya from 22-08-1999 to 25-05-2003

Mr.Kaluram Sonel from 25-05-2003 to 8-03-2009

Mr.Pukhraj Kataria from 12-04-2009 till today

Rajasthan Meghwal Council Jodhpur arranged several activities for uplift of Society. In which young man - woman introduction & organizing mass marriages to prevent wastage of time and money, to help economically to poor and helpless people and proper guidance and funding for employment and education are running.

Our Aims:-

  • To make Meghwal Community enriched socially, economically, religiously, mentally and culturally.

  • Try to get rid from barrier functions in progress like death feast, alcohol abuse, child marriage, polygamy, dowry,

    To prevent foreign exploitation, atrocities and crimes on society & social workers and to support weak people of society.

  • To constitute Megh Seva Dal which will train own servers for service.

  • Help economically to disabled, orphan and helpless people of society and to arrange food, housing and employment for them.

  • Strive for liberation of bonded workers.

  • To constitute law councils and provide cheaper access to justice.

  • To arouse a sense of nationhood, character building and try to maintain clean environment for country and society.

  • To encourage talented people by organizing Cultural, literary, artistic and sports competitions.

  • Publish magazines to make every house of society aware by all sorts of messages.

  • To constitute organizational units at the level of village, tehsil and district.

  • Organize mass marriages to avoid high costs.

  • To name distinction away by tying all Meghwal (Jata-Baseera), Sutrakar, Bhambhi, Chamar, Bunkar, Balai, Baiwa, Hrishyan, ramdosiyan, Chandor, Ravidasi, Mehar, Deshi, Meghwanshi etc in one thread and to try to call Meghwal name itself.

  • To build and buy real estate value of hostels, halls, public, Innards for social use, by receiving as a gift from donors.

  • Contact Us

    Mr. Pukh Raj Kataria


    Address : A3,ROOP RAJAT SAROVAR,


    Fhone No. : 9413874648

    Website : http://www.meghwalparishad.com

    Email id - contact@meghwalparishad.com

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